Friday, May 19, 2017

Fashion Art Dolls

I just am enamored with these pages created by my team. Gorgeous fashion pages, creative and artsy. These girls have style!!!
Wouldn't you love to step back into this time, just for a peek? 

I love this page by Pat!!

Or a lovely photo-shoot created by Hayley

...and this marvelous scene by Gina ...I love the elegance!

How about something wild and crazy? I adore these pages by Cheryl.

Or how would you like to enjoy a visit to this villa? Jean set the scene for you...

and Jana followed in the same vane with this lovely courtyard scene.

But back to the photo-shoot. How about this artsy page by Jana?

Or this top model by Jean? Love the details!

Or this amazing one by Trish?

All so very stunning! Now what can you do with these lovely models???

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Winging It

Winging It
Five beautiful bird blends, plus the individual birds in PNG format!

This stunning page by Pat shows the magnificent owl. I love how she blended the individual owl png into the background. Beautiful effect!

I love the natural look to this gorgeous page by Trish.

Beautiful layering by Gina. This colorful bird pops with the soft background!

I love Beth's stacking here. It draws you into the photo and wants you to learn more!
I love the subtle use of the birds Natasha used in this page. What a beautiful walk in the woods!!

What gorgeous photos of owls, and what a perfect this page by Anne!

This sweet page by Jana makes me think of Spring. I love that she pared that little bird with the poppies!!

I love how Pat used this blend...simple elegance!

Cheryl went deep into the woods with this one. I love the drama! I can feel the dark, stillness of the forest.

Natasha writes the most beautiful poems! Check it out. What a lovely combination!!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Photo Graphics

I love photography,  and love anything heritage, so this combination made sense to me.  Add them to your journal or your page of photographs, they are charming and blend well. 

A beautiful fashion page by Trish

 Pat emphasizes the cameras and old film used in days gone by in this gorgeous page 

Gina has created a modern page, such beautiful lines!!

Natasha used her photo as the background, and repeated it in the frame, adding the birds for a fabulous 3D effect. Lovely!

I love the soft watercolor effect Beth uses in this piece!

Jana used this fabulous photo of her trip to California as a perfect memory page!

Gina created the perfect heritage page...I love that family photo , fantastic!

Cheryl's page is just simply out of this world!!  So creative!

Hayley brought in models from our youth, remember those fabulous magazines?

I love this mix of memorabilia from Trish....

Anne created such a gorgeous page, reminiscent of when I go out to shoot!

I love this sunset photo Pat used as the background, what a perfect way to display a gorgeous image!

 Gorgeous relics of the past...but the images they took are still with us today!

The Magic of Nature

Is there anything more beautiful than the magic of nature?  If you are a regular, you know my passion is nature, and I wanted to bring out all the things I love about mixing the natural world with the digital world so you can create your own magic. Here are some amazing pages by my team whom I appreciate so very much!! I hope you enjoy their creative ideas!